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"God has caused to grow out of the ground herbs for the use of man, and if we understand the nature of these roots and herbs, and make a right use of them, there would not be a necessity of running for the doctor so frequently, and people would be in much better health than they are today." E. G. White, 1890.

Quick Response
Immune Boost Formula


  Echinacea is one of the strongest immune stimulators and enhancers known. It can double and triple the amount of T-cells and Macrophages in your bloodstream within a few days. It can also increase the amount of Interferon, Interleukin, Immunoglobulin and other important natural immune chemicals present in your blood. The benefit of immune stimulation in the shorter duration of existing colds and flu, and the prevention of future infections. It also initiates and speeds up recovery from chronic and long-term immune-related depression illnesses, diseases and degeneration.

  Cayenne is the best herb to stimulate circulation and makes these already powerful immune herbs many times more effective.

  Garlic is the best, most effective broad spectrum antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-fungal herb known. Paired together with Echinacea, they are incredible!


   Echinacea Angustifolia root, Echinacea Purpurea root, Pau D' Arco (Tabebuia impetiginosa) inner bark, Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) root. Garlic bulb, Cats Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) bark, Usnea (Usnea barbata) lichen, Cayenne (Capsicum annuum) pepper. Extracted and preserved in 47.5% U.S.P. grade grain alcohol.

DOSAGE: NOTE: (1) dropperful equals 35 to 40 drops.

   Scenario #1—You're feeling fine--For general protection and immune stimulation, especially when you are not yet ill. This might be when you are feeling fine but many around you are ill—Take 2 droppersful (70-80 drops), 3 times daily, for 10 days. You can do this once a month and you will probably never get sick!
     Scenario #2—Feeling out of sorts--If you are feeling a bit off, but it's nothing you can really put your finger on, this may mean you are about to get sick, or that your body is fighting something off. Give it a boost by taking 2-3 droppersful, 6 times daily for 5 days.
     Scenario #3—You know you are sick--This is when you actually have some observable, clinical symptoms. Sore throat, fever, nasal or lung congestion, toxic bite or sting, wound or trauma. Anytime there is anything wrong with you, your immune system must go to work. In this case, take an initial blast of 4 droppersful, and then 1 dropperful every waking hour (or 16 droppersful a day), for 4 days.
     Scenario #4—You are really sick--This is when you are suddenly sweating, have the chills, a cold, food poisoning, or major illness. There is no time to waste, immediate aggressive herbal treatment can save you days of agony. In this case, drink one fluid ounce of Quick Response immediately. (This can be diluted in water or juice). Then consume 2 droppersful every waking hour (32 droppersful per day), for 3-4 days.
     REMEMBER: All of the above recommendations are adult dosages (12 years old+) and can be doubled, if necessary, without harm. You will not overdose. The important thing is to get the correct dosage for the circumstances. For children from 8-12 years old, cut dosage in half and dilute in juice or water. For children 2-7 years old, use 1/4 adult dosage and dilute in juice or water. Quick Response Children′s Formula (alcohol free) is available below.

     *NOTE: The statements made regarding the benefits have not been evaluated by the FDA and, therefore, we make no claims or intensions of treating, curing, preventing or diagnosing any disease processes.

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