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LifeForce energy and Immune Boost Formula

God has endowed us with a certain amount of vital force. He has also formed us with organs suited to maintain the various functions of life, and He designs that these organs shall work together in harmony. If we carefully preserve the life force, and keep the delicate mechanism of the body in order, the result is health. The Ministry of Healing, p. 234, E. G. White, 1905.

LifeForce energy and Immune Boost Formula

LifeForce contains a perfectly balanced blend of super foods.

Put the SUPER back into your green drink!

   Our bodies are designed to assimilate whole foods as they are found in nature. Bodies that are supported with optimal nutrition feel and function better, and have abundant energy.
LifeForce High Potency Energy and Immune Support contains a perfectly balanced blend of super foods and is specifically formulated to supply you with natural food source vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, phytochemicals, and essential trace nutrients.


** No Fillers, No Yeast Product, No MSG, No Gluten, No Compromises **
Just Nutrient-rich Super Foods!
Discover LifeForce's superior Ingredients and Daily Values. [ LEARN MORE ]

The Superior Super-food!

We have been huge proponents of "super food" whole food green drink supplements for years. However, quite awhile back, we discovered that some of the most well-known of these "super-food" powdered supplements contain from 35-70% nutritional yeast—used as filler and taste enhancer—while minimizing many of the rich "green" nutrative ingredients. Beyond the filler aspect, nutritional yeast is classified as an excitotoxin**, and should not be a part of anyone's nutritional regimen. (Here is a list of sources that contain processed free glutamic acid - MSG).

LifeForce contains no nutritional yeast product and is gluten and excitotoxin free. We have set out to put the SUPER  back into "super food" supplements by replacing the fillers and adding more chlorophyll and nutrient rich sea vegetables and grasses like Hawaiian Spirulina, Highest Quality Chlorella, Norwegian Purple Dulse Seaweed, Organic Barley Grass, Organic Wheat Grass and Organic Alfalfa Grass; powerful immune system boosters like Organic Eleuthero root (Siberian Ginseng), Organic Astragalus root, and Organic Rose Hips; plus rich nutratives like Organic Beet root, Organic Dandelion root, Organic Nettle leaf, Organic Parsley leaf, and Organic Spinach leaf.

Green Drink Reviews Lifeforce quote

There have been absolutely no corners cut, no compromises made in the development or manufacture of LifeForce. In fact, it costs more to produce LifeForce than other "super food" products, but production cost is not the issue. Each and every ingredient has been pains-takenly selected for its nutritional value and support of vital force, so that when combined together in a perfect ratio, they form a complete nutrition supplement, promoting a vital, active, healthy lifestyle. Needless to say, LifeForce contains no MSG or any of its derivatives of any kind. LifeForce is packed with the readily available vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals and high-energy super foods to keep you healthy and active every day!

LifeForce is an important weapon in the fight against Cancer,
AIDS, or any Immuno-suppressed condition!

LifeForce provides vital nutrition support for anyone fighting cancer or any other immuno-stressed condition.* (Under immuno-stressed conditions recommended dosage is 2 - 3 servings daily.)

Provides the bio-available protein, vitamins, and minerals that athletes demand!

LifeForce provides complete, digestable protein, energy, and vital nutritional support for athletes or anyone conducting a moderate to extreme exercise regimen. Ideal for strength training and body building programs. Cyclists and runners, put it in your water bottle and take it with you on the road. Also, makes a great high protein recovery drink.

If you only take one nutrition supplement, this should be the one! Plainly stated, combined with a well-balanced diet and lifestyle, and even when it's not so balanced, LifeForce gives your body the nutritional support it needs.*

We urge you to try LifeForce each morning for just 2-weeks.
You will see and feel the difference!
Discover LifeForce's superior Ingredients and Daily Nutrition Values. [ LEARN MORE ]
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Quick morning LifeForce drink recipe!

For 1 person - in a shaker or empty jar with lid, combine:

8 oz. Apple juice (preferably organic apple juice, freshly juiced organic apple juice is amazing!)
2-4 oz. distilled water (to taste)
1 Tablespoon Flaxseed oil, Carlsen's Fish Oil, or Udo's Oil
2 Tablespoons (one scoop) LifeForce
Shake contents vigorously, then enjoy!
Try a delicious LifeForce breakfast smoothie!

For 1 or 2 people - in a blender mix:

8 oz. organic Apple juice
4-6 oz. distilled water (organic rice milk or almond milk can also be used, according to taste)
2 heaping Tablespoons (one scoop) per person LifeForce
1 Tablespoon Flaxseed oil, Carlsen's Fish Oil, or Udo's Oil
5 or more Strawberries, frozen
1/4 cup Blueberries, fresh or frozen
1 or 2 Bananas, fresh or frozen
1 Orange (peeled), fresh
1/8 cup Sunflower or Pumpkin seeds (you can also add fresh pineapple, some raspberries, peach, or other favorite fruit)

This delicious, power-packed smoothie will start you off on the right foot each morning and provide you with super nutrition and energy to keep you going strong! Wow! No need for coffee or other artificial jump-starts!

At lunch-time. . .

. . . sprinkle LifeForce on top of your favorite fresh salad!


"I don't understand why asking people to eat a well-balanced vegetarian diet is considered drastic, while it is medically conservative to cut people open and put them on powerful cholesterol-lowering drugs for the rest of their lives."
         -- Dean Ornish, M.D.

A balanced diet and regular physical activity are the building blocks of good health. Poor eating habits and too little physical activity can lead to overweight and related health problems. By eating right and being active, you can enjoy good health and remain active throughout your life. Whether you are trying to maintain good health, or trying to get well from cancer, you should take a look at your eating habits and try to improve them. Unfortunately, most people in the western world, including many so-called vegetarians, get little or no real nutrition. With the abundance of food available to us, this should not be the case. [LEARN MORE]

Beloved, I wish above all things, that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 2.

Education in the divine principles of health have never been needed more than today! There have been many wonderful advances in science and technology, but there is an alarming increase in disease and sickness due to destructive habits and the over indulgences of our society. Today, habit and appetite are at war with nature. The results are seen in most of our lives as many experience some minor or major breakdown of their health.

God's promise still stands—if we incorporate His principles of health into our lives, then none of the diseases of this world will befall us. Listed below are God's 8 Laws of Health, taken from the "owner's manual". Click on a title to learn more.