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Colon Cleanse Intestinal formula #1

Nearly all the members of the human family eat more than the system requires. This excess decays and becomes a putrid mass. Catarrhal difficulties, kidney disease, headache, and heart troubles, are the result. . . If more food, even of a simple quality, is placed in the stomach than the living machinery requires, this surplus becomes a burden. The system makes desperate efforts to dispose of it, and this extra work causes a tired, weary feeling. Some who are continually eating call this "all-gone" feeling hunger, but it is caused by the overworked condition of the digestive organs. Counsels on Diet and Foods, E. G. White, p. 132, 1896.

Colon Cleanse Intestinal formula #1

Colon Cleanse
Intestinal formula #1


  This stimulating tonic is both cleansing, healing and strengthening to the entire gastro-intestinal system. It stimulates your peristaltic action (the muscular movement of the colon) and over time strengthens the muscles of the large intestine, halts putrefaction and disinfects, soothes and heals the mucous membrane lining of your entire digestive tract. This herbal tonic also improves digestion, relieves gas and cramps, increases the flow of bile which, in turn, cleans the gallbladder, bile ducts and liver, destroys Candida albicans overgrowth and promotes a healthy intestinal flora, destroys and expels intestinal parasites, increases gastrointestinal circulation and is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Contra-indications: Do not use during pregnancy without the guidance of a health care professional.


   Curacao and Cape Aloe leaf (Aloe spicatal and ferox), Cascara Sagrada aged bark (Rhanmus purshiana), Barberry rootbark (Berberis vulgaris), Organic Turkey Rhubarb root, (Rheum Officinale), Senna leaf (Cassia officinalis), Organic Garlic bulb (Allium sativum), Ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinalis), Organic Fennel seed (Foeniculum vulgare), Organic Black Walnut Hull, (Juglans nigra), Organic Wormwood herb, (Artemesia annua L.), Organic Clove bud, (Eugenia caryophyllata), and African Bird Pepper (Capsicum africana).


   Start with only one capsule of Colon Cleanse #1 during or just after dinner. This Formula works best when taken with food. The next morning you should notice an increase in your bowel action and in the amount of fecal matter that you eliminate. The consistency should also be softer. If you do not notice any difference in your bowel behavior today or the difference wasn't dramatic, then tonight increase your dosage to two capsules. You can continue to increase your dosage every evening by one capsule until you notice a dramatic difference in the way your bowel works. There is no limit. Most people need only 2-3 capsules but a few have needed over 30 capsules. It has taken most of us years to create a sluggish bowel, so let us be patient for a few days and increase by one capsule each day only.
     Colon Cleanse #1 can be taken for a week, a month or the rest of your life. Continue to use this formula until you are having one bowel movement each day for every meal you eat, between 2 and 4 bowel movements a day is normal. Considering all the disease and death we have because of retained fecal matter, you needn't worry about the long-term use of this formula.

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"I don't understand why asking people to eat a well-balanced vegetarian diet is considered drastic, while it is medically conservative to cut people open and put them on powerful cholesterol-lowering drugs for the rest of their lives."
         -- Dean Ornish, M.D.

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